Privacy Policy

Here at Mark Our Words, we are committed to providing you proofreading and editing services of the highest caliber at the most affordable prices. Before we can provide you these great services, you need to read and familiarize yourself with the following Privacy Policy.

(1) Introduction

These Terms and Conditions are effective as of 15th March 2012. The terms ‘Mark Our Words’ (‘MOW’), ‘Our’, ‘We’, ‘website’ are representative of the owners of Mark Our Words websites under and The term ‘User/s’ refers both to visitors to the site and registered users of the site. The term ‘service’ refers to any product or service offered and delivered by/through MOW, both through the website, its employees and owners. The term ‘Personal information’ is any data that can be used in such a way as to contact and/or identify a particular individual. The term ‘document’ refers to any electronic file that is uploaded or submitted onto the website.

This Privacy Policy applies to all products and services provided by Mark Our Words (ABN: 27526504786) and is applicable to all personal information that is provided and collected on this web site.  This Privacy policy will inform you about the nature of personal information that we may gather about you, what happens to the information that is provided to us and your choice of whether and how much of this information will be used. Please note that this Privacy Policy is applicable to all the information that is provided to us on this web site. Please familiarize yourself with our privacy practices. Any questions relating to this privacy policy can be directed to us.

(2) Our commitment to your privacy

At Mark Our Words, we understand that your right to privacy is paramount and we are committed to safeguarding, preserving and respecting your personal information. We understand that individuals have the right to decide and control how the information that is provided to this site is collected and used. Mark Our Words serves to meet the standards and requirements as set out in Australian privacy legislation. We will strictly only collect the information as set out in (3). Please note that there is no obligation for you to provide your information unless you wish to use our services. All personal information that is provided to us is given voluntarily by the online visitor.

(3) What information do we collect?

Mark Our Words will only collect personal information from you during registration to become a member of Mark Our Words and in participation of online surveys that appear on the Mark Our Words website. The information that is collected is strictly restricted to:

(i) Name
(ii) Address
(iii) Email Address
(iv) Phone Number
(v) Credit/Debit Card information

(4) What happens to the information that you provide to us?

(a) Personal Information
MOW guarantees that any confidential information that is provided to us by you is kept confidential and will not be shared to any other third party except to the extent strictly necessarily in order to perform the services as requested by you. All the information provided by you to this site will be used solely for the purposes that this site is designed to achieve. Any services or information that is requested by you, including, but not limited to, the processing of your order, addressing your enquiries and responding to complaints, will require the use of your confidential information. Your personal information is retained in our databases for as long as your account is active or where services are needed to be provided by us to you. Should you expressly require your account to be deactivated and thereby, request that your personal information be prohibited from use, then please /contact us/(link to contact us page).
(b) Document/s
Document/s that are uploaded onto the website will necessarily be shared with the editors in order to adequately perform our obligations. Following completion of edit, the document/s are stored for a duration no longer than one month, solely for the purposes of further revision and/or editing should you require us to do so. During the period of document/s storage, the document/s but will not be shared with any third party. Users are personally responsible for making back-ups of their submitted work. Under no circumstances will MOW be liable for any loss or alteration of documents uploaded to the site by the User.
(C) Testimonials
Testimonials that are uploaded up to MOW may be displayed on the website and if displayed, will disclose the first name, country of residence and the testimonial comments as provided by the online user. An optional submission of your photograph may be provided, and if so, will also be displayed onto the website along with your testimonial. Your last name, postal address, email address and phone number will not be disclosed to other members and visitors of the site. Should you require your testimonial to be permanently removed from the web site, then please /contact us/.

(5) Legal disclosure

MOW reserves the right to disclose your personal information should the law require us to do so. In the event that disclosure is necessary in compliance with any judicial proceeding or a disclosure is required for the purposes of legal investigation, then Mark Our Words will not be liable for any damages caused as a result of such disclosure.

(6) Amendments to this Privacy Policy

Should any changes be made to this Privacy Policy, notification of the changes will be displayed in the ‘News & Announcements’ page. Mark Our Words reserves the right to amend any portion of this Privacy Policy and will ensure that such changes, whether minor or major, be brought to the attention of the online user or online visitor before the changes take effect.