How It All Works

Offering professional and expert services to all those wishing to improve their writing ability, Mark Our Words does more than just carefully correct, comment and evaluate your abilities in written English, we'll also TEACH you how to write better!


The process is so SIMPLE:

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  1. You submit the documents to us online.
  2. We will have a professional editor run through your work, proofreading and providing feedback that is then cross-checked by another Senior Editor to ensure that the submitted work is edited and reviewed to the highest possible standard
  3. We email your polished work back to you and send an email to inform you that we have completed a thorough review of your paper.  

Here is an essay on Hamlet edited by Mark Our Words:


(Click here for a detailed explaination of how changes are made)

Mark Our Words is dedicated to proofreading, editing and teaching you how to improve your writing skills. No matter whether English is your first language or you are learning English as a second language (ESL), we will guide you on your essays and assignments or your cover letters and CV.

Unlike other sites, we don’t use any automated proofreading or grammar-programs. What we do have is a large team of professional editors who will edit individual pieces of work and provide dedicated and comprehensive feedback catered to each paper. We guarantee that we will not only catch your writing mistakes and extensively comment on the standard of English submitted, but also to teach you to correct your flaws and highlight the ways in which you can improve your writing ability and achieve your very best in English!

And best of all, we have made our services ever more affordable to everyone, allowing you to save on the costs of hiring your own private tutor.