About Us

We know how difficult it is to master the English language. That is why we ensure that the delivery of our services stands up to the highest quality...without the high price.


At Mark Our Words we have one vision: to provide the highest level of personal editing services and keeping the costs at a minimum.

Mark Our Words is a system that would allow students and the like to have their English writing comprehensively evaluated and edited, all while being taught about the complexities, rules and conventions of English writing.

With one of the most complex grammar, spelling and ordering systems, there is no doubt that the English language is one of the hardest languages in the world to master. Mark Our Words has already helped large numbers of individuals learn to overcome difficulties and complicated obstacles in writing.

Established in Australia, we endeavour to provide as many opportunities as we can (by keeping the costs low) to individuals around the world, allowing each and every single person a chance to effectively communicate and express their ideas through English writing. 

When it comes down to English writing, no automated program will be able to identify and correct errors in all aspects. That why our team of editors will individually pinpoint, critique and correct all of your errors.  To ensure that you will be satisfied with the work that you receive back, Mark Our Words offers a guarantee that your work will be edited to our highest level, no matter what level of education you are in.  

As a reliable and trusted name in English editing and proofreading, you will certainly be impressed with what we have to offer to you.