Dr Alex Papachristos MBBS(Hons), BMedSci, PGDipSurgAnat

Senior Editor

Alex brings extensive tutoring experience to the Mark Our Words team. After achieving a premier's award in VCE English in 2004, Alex has taught in both one-on-one and group settings over the past eight years. In addition to VCE English, Alex has tutored at a tertiary level with a focus on thesis writing, as well as preparatory sessions for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) exam. Through this experience, he has gained a keep appreciation of the common areas of difficulty that students encounter and how best to address them. He shares his valuable skill in clear and concise writing, and provides valuable tips for vocabulary development and clarity of expression. Armed with his own comprehensive vocabulary and strong grasp of the formalities of writing, Alex is practiced in editing writing to enhance the accuracy and fluency of the piece.

Alex is also a practicing doctor, having graduated with a Bachelors degree in Medicine and Surgery  from the University of Melbourne in Victoria, Australia. 

To contact Alex, please send an email to [email protected]