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  • Little skeptical at first... but proved me wrong in the end. Great job improving the sentence structures and appreciate the valuable feedback. 

    Andy Grey, Sydney

  • with low cost, mark our words had improved my English writing skills and assist me in getting better marks for my essays and assignments. Liked all the suggestions and ideas given. 

    Esther Leung, Melbourne

  • Being ESL background, I often cannot properly phrase and express my ideas the way that I want. By having my essays corrected at Mark Our Words, they are able to fix up what I say and even provide further suggestions to how I should convey my ideas. Thank you!!!!

    Frank, Taiwan

  • for non-native speakers of english, i would recommend mark our words to others. you guys were fast and all the comments that you gave on my essay were all very helpful. 

    JC, Melbourne

  • I submitted a college level paper on Australian literature and was quite amazed at your ability to correct the grammar and sentence structure of my paper, even when I thought I got most of my writing perfect. Did not come to my mind the extent to which my paper had to be changed in terms of sentence structure and vocab. Thanks for all the help.

    Jung Ebersbach, Melbourne

  • For the low cost that I had to pay, it was definately worth the increase in not only my grades, but also my English ability as a whole. Mark Our Words shows that you don't have to spend much to learn much.

    Mark Lau, Malaysia

  • Great sophisticated level of services at Mark Our Words. Despite the content of my paper being quite difficult, you were still able to competently scrutinise and comment on the style of my writing and suggest various changes that I had clearly not forseen. Keep up the good work. 

    Michael, Melbourne